Bicycle Trip to Greece Dr. Hans-Jürgen Weber 26.04.2013 - 17.05.2013



26.04.2013 Haiger
27.04.2013 Rückingen
28.04.2013 Würzburg
29.04.2013 Pleinfeld
30.04.2013 Taufkirchen/Vils
01.05.2013 Freilassing
02.05.2013 Tweng
03.05.2013 Villach
04.05.2013 Bovec
05.05.2013 Ilirska Bistrica
06.05.2013 Karlobag
07.05.2013 Pirovac
08.05.2013 Omis
09.05.2013 Slano
10.05.2013 Budva
11.05.2013 Shkoder
12.05.2013 Fier
13.05.2013 Himare
14.05.2013 Igoumenitsa
15.05.2013 Paleros
16.05.2013 Platanovrisi
17.05.2013 Zakynthos


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06.05.2013, 11. day, 174 / 1409 km, Karlobag

After a good breakfast I carry bicycle and baggage down from the first floor and start with sunshine after applying sunscreen.
To the Croatian border it goes a few km uphill, they check me as well at the exit from Slovenia as at the entry to Croatia. I change money at the border.
After a short time it begins to rain again,a little at first, then more. I cross Rijeka in heavy rain. After 2 km I have to turn back because bicycles are suddenly not permitted on the road. Short after Rijeka I decide to get a cappuccino and warm up a bit. Mainly I want to get out of the rain. A small restaurant by the way invites me to stay.
While I'm drinking my coffee it stops raining and the sun comes out. Unfortunately only for the next 15 km, then the rain starts again, but heavier then before. At Krkvenica my shoes are filled with water, and in front of me the sky has not become lighter but darker. I escape into a restaurant at Novi Vondolski. I'm served by a seaman who helps his brother in law with the restaurant und who speaks english. We talk for a long time.
Eventually the rain decreases and I go on. At Senj I have a short break at the harbour. While going on I often see interesting combinations of light, clouds, sea and islands.
Every few hundred meters rooms are offered. But I want to complete 150 km today and continue. I have to go through a tunnel. This is dangerous. There is no light in the tunnel. If you enter it you see nothing even if you turn on your lights. But mainly I fear that the car drivers don't see me. It is really weird. But the only car that passes me in the tunnel keeps a sufficient distance to me.
When I complete the 150 km it gets dark. For long there is no campground (next in 70 km) and suddenly no more offers of rooms.
I have to drive with the lights switched on and consider to set up my tent beside the road, but the area is completely unsuitable for that. Moreover it seems to be too dangerous to me.
So I go on. Of course it is very hilly, and of course it starts raining again.
But finally I arrive at Karlobag and find a restaurant that also has rooms to rent. They have something to eat and also internet access.
Today I'm rather tired but I'm doing ok. I guess I'll sleep very well.
And yes - I think that I have made half of the way today.

I have to carry baggage and bike separately down from the first floor

Clouds on the same level

The Croatian border

Welcome to Croatia

The soccer stadium in Rijeka

The road curves around this bay

In the background the bridge to Krk Island can be seen

It is pouring
(Video -> click on picture)

The next rain shower is imminent

Short break in Senj

Interesting contrast formed by light, clouds, sea and islands

Iris flowers are blooming in large numbers beside the road

A bridge of light between the islands

The dangerous tunnel

For this road a lot of rocks had to be blown up

The meaning of this building is not completely clear to me

At least now the sun can be seen once again