Bicycle Trip to Greece Dr. Hans-Jürgen Weber 26.04.2013 - 17.05.2013



26.04.2013 Haiger
27.04.2013 Rückingen
28.04.2013 Würzburg
29.04.2013 Pleinfeld
30.04.2013 Taufkirchen/Vils
01.05.2013 Freilassing
02.05.2013 Tweng
03.05.2013 Villach
04.05.2013 Bovec
05.05.2013 Ilirska Bistrica
06.05.2013 Karlobag
07.05.2013 Pirovac
08.05.2013 Omis
09.05.2013 Slano
10.05.2013 Budva
11.05.2013 Shkoder
12.05.2013 Fier
13.05.2013 Himare
14.05.2013 Igoumenitsa
15.05.2013 Paleros
16.05.2013 Platanovrisi
17.05.2013 Zakynthos


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27.04.2013, 2. day, 118 / 231 km, Rückingen

Many positive things can be reported:
My sunscreen will last longer.
Today it was completely dust-free.
Not much water comsumption.
Nearly always tailwind.
The bicycle works great.
The chocolate doesn't melt.
I had a reason to visit a cafe more often.
On the other side it rained the whole day somtimes more,sometimes less, but not as heavily as yesterday.
I could cover the baggage just in time (from the beginning), therefore nearly all things remained dry.
I only had to blow-dry shoes and socks and also the gloves and the headband.
They were very helpful while the temperature was between 4 and 6°C (40 °F).
However you can't drive long distances in such weather conditions.
Therefore I took a campground already after 117 km. It was along the way, appr. 20 km south of Büdingen.
Here in the camping restaurant I got a good schnitzel and can write my report.
For this night they predicted frost. I barely can believe it for it is still raining. I'll see.
And yes - sending of messages ("contact me") is now working.

First part of the way to Dornsbach

Nice bike trail along the river Dill

The baggage ist well covered

The canola is not yet blooming

Suddenly and unexpectedly prohibited for bicycles (of course without showing alternatives)

Bad Nauheim

At the Bärensee (bears' lake) in Rückingen

The tent ist quickly set up